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  • Is that you in your avatar? Those suds look very inviting... Fancy hooking up? xx
    might wanna hook up with Wilkinson buddy, very tall and hansom
    that ghost snare video is fantastic. been trying to wrap my head around what to call that for years...I'm a bit slow I'd say haha but now I finally understand
    aw yeah buddy that means the judges are

    sammy from Dexcell
    nic tvg from Pinecone Moonshine
    hans from Eastern Promise Audio

    and you my man! that is the dopest panel of judges EVER, thanks for doing this man!
    say, if we get like seven subs, why dont we get the judges to do all of them? three or four compared to seven isnt really a big deal, is it? what do you say? do you have any tunes out on any labels btw?
    wed love to have you as a judge, but arent you a contender too? we much prefer you as a contender, i mean judges are easy to find
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