PI Recordings / Phatcontrollers Update + Competetion


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Ok well it’s been a busy couple of weeks here in the pi recordings camp. Thought I would give you all a little update on all things PI.

PI7 - John Rolodex - Punisher / Amenizm - This is getting mastered any day now and we are looking to have some promos ready hopefully mid / end November. This release has been getting some serious caining by the likes of Bailey and also L-Double on 1xtra. Watch This Space.

PI8 - D'Villianz - Kick in the Door / Halo - This is looking for an early 2005 release with support from Pendulum , John B , Subfocus , Ram Recordings. This tune has been smashing up dance floors every time it’s been dropped. Halo on the flip has a slightly more beat orientated style to keep the beat freaks happy and has been a feature of many people’s recent sets including Chris inperspective.

PI9 - Latent Notion - Blatant Lotion (Vocal Mix) / Unnamed Feat Scope - Taking the pace down a little and going by the label ethos of something for everybody this one is for the drum fans. Blatant lotion is a nice roller that sits nicely in any genre of dj set with its crisp lyrics and tight string arrangement. The flipside which is currently unnamed is a darker haunting track and dark deep rolling bassline.

PI10 - This is still in organizational stage but expect a 2 piece vinyl pack to celebrate our 10th release. Featuring some very interesting remix's of previous pi tunes and 1 or 2 bits of new material.

PI Recordings Launch Night / Technical Freaks Album Launch Tour - 26th November 2004 - The Fez Club - Reading - UK - For the launch of PI 7 and also to celebrate the labels new direction we are bringing the talents of DYLAN (freak), TECH ITCH (Freak), JOHN ROLODEX (Freak , PI, Metalheadz) The Phatcontrollers (SB:Advance / PI) D'Villianz (Pi) & Dj Exxon (SB:Advance). MC Support comes from none other than Manikular & SP. There will be flyers very soon for this one so watch this space


Ok to win a Test Pressing of the next PI release "John Rolodex" we want you to come up with a name for the unnamed latent notion track that’s coming out on PI8.

Post them up here and we will choose the best one.

DJ Dates

The Phatcontrollers have been representing the PI stable for the last few months with gigs in London, Reading, Dorset & Oxford. Dropping some fresh PI Dubplate business.

Forthcoming dates are

29th October - Advance @ the Fez - Reading
3rd November - Basement @ Ponana
18th November - Revolution @ Mango - Dj Hype
26th November - Advance @ the Fez - Reading (Pi Launch Night)
1st December - Basement @ Ponana - Guests Wilsh & Madcap
31st December - Advance @ the Fez - Reading
January - Hit & Run the Cellar - Oxford (TBC)

If you would like to book us for PI / SB:Advance showcase then please email Linus@SBadvance.com

Internet Radio

The Phatcontrollers continue to present our show on www.jungletrain.net every Sunday 10pm - Midnight GMT dropping some new stuff some old stuff and a few exclusives. Watch out for a few special guests in the forthcoming weeks also.

Submitting demos to the label
We are on the lookout for new talent, if you have any tracks you think we may be interested in then please send them via AOL messenger to SBADVANCEDEMOS. Or email Linus@sbadvance.com for some mailing address details

That’s all for now.

Steve / Linus
Pi Recordings Label Manager