zoob said:
'Back to you' - any projected release date on this badboy?? :zest:

I'm told they have not done a B-side for it yet, so we are in for a long wait..
zoob said:
Havent got spiral :cry:

have Vault tho.... :saber: love it.

shall we make the B-side?
With the way my production skills have been lately, I think a B-side from me would put people off buying the 12" just for "Back To You" aswell!
but combined together 'synegery', it will be unstoppable.

pendulum post here , wonder what they think , bit of a laugh wont it? + plus the fact that weve never met before...there will blatantly be up for it..

doubt this will be an ep if theyre having trouble finding one other tune as a b-side :shrug:

still feelin trail of sevens on paranoia ep at loud volumes :devilslay
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ZESTIE said:
Had a dream last night thatI could choose 'Back to you' on a jukebox :sing: :rinsed:
Your so weird!

Also, I hear Pendulum are remixing a tune for Timeless, so it could be that.. Watch this space!
I doubt it was the remix, I don't think it's done yet.

Pendulum do have a couple of new tunes of their own doing the rounds though. One of them is "Voyager", it's on the dubplates page :spliff:
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