Paul Reset & MC Gulux mix now up on DnB Arena


Aug 13, 2002
Glasgow, Scotland
Just added to the DnB Arena ( is an exclusive mix from myself alongside MC Gulux, the mix is encoded in hi and lo bandwith streams so check it out no matter what your connection is!

Mix is located here

Tracklisting is as follows

"Primal" - Rob F (? dub)
"Scorched Earth (Kemal rmx)" - Bulletproof/Concord Dawn/Optiv (Cyanide dub)
"V Ger" - Gridlok (Cargo dub)
"Tomahawk" - Mayhem & Noisia (Nerve dub)
"Egomatrix (Rob F rmx)" - Typecell (Protogen dub)
"Ronin" - Kiko & Mecha (Ohm Resistance dub)
"Blow" - Concord Dawn (? dub)
"Logans Run" - Skynet (? dub)
"Soul on Fire" - Kaos, Karl K and Jae Kennedy(Atlas dub)
"Quad" - Tech Itch & Trace (Tech Itch Recordings dub)
"Unicorn (Black Sun Empire rmx)" - Eye D (Citrus dub)
"No War" - NJC (? dub)
"KXD" - Kabuki, Xplorer and Dee Pulse (Precision dub)
"Tremor" - Kiko (Ohm Resistance dub)
"Biosfear (Kemal & Skynet rmx)" - Kemal & Rob Data vs Stakka & Skynet
"Hostile" - Kemal & Rob Data (Unreleased dub)
"Gun Seller" - Black Sun Empire (Transparent dub)


Apr 18, 2003
Long Beach, CA
lovin that set Paul, burned it so I can listen to it in the car... really dig the ending which was originally cut off and THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for putting it up in mp3 so it can get burnt...!
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