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benson said:
OUTB029 - Evol Intent

A - Redsoil

B - Death Row

Forthcoming This Week !

Don't Miss !!!!!
I don't want to write a whole diatribe but to be completely blunt, this record is really crap! It sounds like the music on Diesel Boy's 1999 "Systems Upgrage" CD mix. In another words it sounds like tech itch / renegade hardware records from 1999.

To be fair, at the time I thought that kind of music was cute because I had not been listening to jungle since 1996. So this sort of choppy amens w/ distorted basslines was different then the amen-less techstep that came before that. But now that I have at least a crate of music identical to this record, and the fact that I'm totaly sick of this sound (because it wasn't all that interesting in the first place), I find this record to be crap.

Theres so much coolness that can be done with dance music. So many things that haven't been done before that can create a wicked vibe at a party. Why waste time making choppy amens with distorted basslines?

The kind of stuff I really want to hear right now are more along the lines of a spirit tune that came out a while back called "Sanctified" which had a lovely euphoric vibe that just makes my emotions melt.

And why not use a 4/4 909 BD w/ OH & CH in a DNB tune???? Why is everyone so bloody afraid of re-introducting that jungle tekno vibe??? I would just love to hear NEW tunes that sound like Nookie's "Drummer of Doom". Barron came close with a record he did on Outbreak LTD called "Searching" and the Spirit tune I mentioned was also simmilar in vibe (both without 4/4 909 sadly).

Its ironic that this aweful 1999 techstep tune is on Outbreak, the same label that released the beautiful D-Shake "Technotrance (REMIX)" and Barron's "Searching".