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Digital Future
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I urgently need this tune!!!! Its on a Renegade Hardware ep called 'Three The Hard Way'. If anyone has it, please e-mail me. Cheers.


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I think i've got it somewhere. I think it came out in about 97/98.

Cant believe no-ones heard of it. Some well rough tunage on there.



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Sorry man but I dont like to sell my classics. You know how it is.

Cirencester, eh?. Is that place at the end of the old Roman road "The Fosse Way" or have I got my wires crossed?.


Digital Future
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Thats the one allright. Should have been the town the Romans burnt!!!


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Nah, but I use the Fosse a bit to get about. Think it goes between Leicester and Cirencester or summit like that.


Break Pirates
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Yeah, ends up somewhere near Fosse Park I think, although it might go a bit further.


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I'll trade for 3 peices of hardcore on my list:

???? - Happy Hour EP (Ibiza 0??) *Goodmorningveitnam sample*
4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse - "We Are the Future (remixes)" (Tone Def)
4 Mega* - Drop This / Higher (Whitehouse Records 007)
Acen - Trip ][ the moon part 2 (Production House)
Acen - Close Your Eyes (Optikonfusion!) (Production House PNT034R)
Acro - SuperPod (Force Ten Records)
Alk-ed - Home (Kniteforce 035)
Altern 8 - Armageddon (Network)
Altern 8 - Give It To Baby (Network)
Andy C - Sour Mash E.P. <Never Felt This Way> (Ramm 001)
Andy C - Something New Pt. 1 (Ram)
Aurora* - Spectral Bass <original mix> (STU.J)
Aurora* - Sunshine EP (Adrenalin TIR001)
Bad Influence - never too much (BI)
Bass Selective - Make Me Rush (DJ Only)
Bass X - 'Hardcore Disco' - (SHOOP 001)
Bay B Kane - Quarter To Doom (Ruff Guidance Records 004)
Bizzy B - Dubplate Wars (Brain ???)
Bizzy B - Ecstasy Is A Science (Whitehouse Record)
Bizzy B & Peashay "Itch it up my selector" (Brain ???)
Bizzi B / Technochild - Obsessions (Brain)
Blame - Music Takes You <2 Bad Mice Remix> (Moving Shadow)
Boneshakers - One Step Ahead (Reachin)
Bounty Killaz - Brighter Future (Creative Wax)
Brainstorm EP* - This one is computerized (Brain)
Carl Cox - Lets Do It (On Top 1991)
Chaos & Julia Set - Atmosphere EP (Recoil001) (had this but traded it)
China White - High and Dry EP Track AA1 Track AA2 (White Label)
Citadel of Kaos - Living Dream EP <Space Cakes> (Boombastic Plastic)
Cloud 9 - Return of the Donut / Mr. Logic (Moving Shadow)
Code 4 - Ecstasy 1 (Nunx)
Communal Mind EP (White)
Coolhand Flex - Wip lash (De Underground)
Corruption - Fluorocarbon EP (White)
Cosmic Twist EP (White)
Cosmo & Dibs - Star Eyes / Up Keys (Moving Shadow 8)
Cosmo & Dibs** - Sonic Rush / Body Work (Moving Shadow 12)
Criminal Minds - Drums Of Doom (Outland 001)
Criminal Minds - The Only Solution (..?.)
Crystal - Inna year 3000 (Freakout 001)
Crystl - Meditation/Warp Drive (Deejay DJX010)
Dac Robinson - Lucky Strike (Rabbit City CUT010)
Dance Conspiracy - Dub War (Metamorphisis / XL)
Darkus & GE Real aka Dubtronix - "Fantasy remix" (Quartz)
Defender - Feel It (bass) (Gyroscope)
Digital Boy - 1,2,3,Acid (?)
Digital Boy - OK Allright (Music Man MMI9031)
Dinosaur Dance Volume 1
DJ Aphrodite - Raw Motion (Urban Shakedown)
DJ B & EZ M**** - Break of Dawn (Industrial Noize #1)(92 amen roller w/ Pink Floyd "on the run" sample)
DJ Carl Cox - I Want You (Forever) (Perfecto)
DJ Clarkee* - Vol II E.P. <Have a Good Time> (Paradox)
DJ Clarkee - I Get Hyped (Red Zone??)
DJ Excel - Jaws (????)
DJ Excel - Just when you thought it was safe (white)
DJ Genesis - X Rated Movie (Ibiza)
DJ Jinx - Paradise Project (Music Madness [MM003])
DJ Kid Twist - Dope On Plastic (Liquid Wax Records)
DJ Massive - The Intelligent Hardcore EP (Labello Blanco LB38)
DJ Nex - Respect Is Due (stafford north)
DJ Phantasy** - Pig Bag (Liquid Wax)
DJ Phantasy - Ruff Beats (original) (Liquid Wax)
DJ Phantasy ?Dance to the rhythm that makes you move? (Liquid Wax)
DJ Phantasy - Never try the hippodrome
DJ Phantasy* - Jungle EP remix (note: Dreamscape 5 unknown 2)
DJ Phantasy - !!!!!!!!(almost)Anything by this guy!!!!(92-93)!!!!!!
DJ Pooch - Hold it now (ME10)
DJ Rap & Aston* - Vertigo (Q Bass Dark remix) (Suburban Base)
DJ Seduction & DJ Phantasy - DJ's Unite Vol. 1 (HAN 004)
DJ Seduction - DJ's Unite Vol. 2 (Impact)
DJ Seduction - DJ's Unite Vol. 3 (Impact)
DJ Seduction - Technoid (Impact) (from ratty @ the edge mix)
DJ Space** - The Visitor (Jumpin & Pumpin) <samples Prince & Quadraphonia!!)
DJ SS - respect to the following (Formation)
DJ Torchman - Tell Me (Face)
DJ Trax - High Time [Nookie remix] (Moving Shadow)
DJ Trax - Infinite Hype / We Rock the Most (Moving Shadow 23)
DMS - Love Overdose (Production House)
Doc Scott - NHS vol.1 (?)
Doc Scott - Rage (Reinforced)
D.O.P.E. Part 2 (Rugged Vinyl)
D.O.P.E. - When I was young <original> (????)
Dr Skuf - Sensi (Vinyl Rhythm)
D-Shake - Tekno Bam (Go Bang! 17)
Dub Two - Bad Man (Big City)
Edge 2 - ? (edge)
Edge 3 - ? (edge)
Edge 4 - ? (edge)
Ed Rush - Bludclot Artattack (No-U-Turn)
Electronic Experienced vol.1 - no. 303 (Basement BRSS025)
Electronic Experienced - More IQ (Basement BRSS032)
Elevation - Make it Right (RAM RAMM005)
Ellis Dee / Krome + Time - Drum Thunder (New Dimension)
Enforcer - Damn Tuff (Awesome)
Eoad** - Love's the feeling (Ibiza 028)
Essence Of Aura - Destiny EP (EOA 001) *Cold Gettin Busy On The Tempo*
Essence of Aura - Intruder (Outstanding)
Essence of Aura - Pure Essence EP (EOA/Outstanding productions)
EQ** - Graphic EP <Im So High / Total Exstasy> (Formation FORM12006)
Equation - Cyberflux (Kore)
Faze Lock - Come Again (Deep Seven)
Flag - Eruption (Jumpin & Pumpin)
Freestyle + DJR - Madness / Won't Stand Still (Awesome Promo 006)
Fokus - Chillout / Vexed (Blueprint 002)
Force Mass Motion - Force Mass Motion EP (Rabbit City CUT004)
Force Mass Motion - Panic Remix (Rabbit City PANICR)
Force Mass Motion - Psycosis EP (Rabbit City CUT009)
Formula 7 - Its not just ragga (Brain)
Foul Play Vol.2 (Oblivion)
Foul Play - Feel the Vibe (Oblivion)
*****I WANT I WANT I WANT FINEST ILLUSION!!!********************
Foul Play Productions** - "Finest Illusion(vocal mix)/Screwface" (Section 5)
*****I WANT I WANT I WANT FINEST ILLUSION!!!********************
Foul Play - Dubbing You (Moving Shadow ??)
Foul Play vol. 3 (Moving Shadow)
Foul Play - Open Your Mind / Survival Remix (Moving Shadow 29)
Foul Play - Open Your Mind (Nookie Remix) / Finest Illusion (Legal Mix) (Moving Shadow 29R2)
F Project - Dark and Moody Volume 1 (F Project)
F Project - Mega 2 (F Project)
F Project 004 - Tango Project (White)
Frank de Wulf - B-Sides Vol. 1 (Music Man MMI9001)
Frank de Wulf - B-Sides Vol. 2 (Music Man MMI9004)
Frank de Wulf - B-Sides Vol. 3 (Music Man MMI9008)
Frank de Wulf - The B-Sides Remixed (Music Man MMI9011)
Frank de Wulf - B-Sides Vol. 4 (Music Man MMI 9024)
Frank de Wulf - Beyond the B-sides (Music Man MMI 9331)
Funky Junky - Rushin'
Funky Nutty Loop for a Raving Soul Man - The Rhythm is Jumpin (Summer Sunshine mix) (Detroit)
Genaside II - Narra Mine (FFRR)
Glide - Alright (Absolute 2)
Goldseal Records 004 (White)
Grooverider - INTA [The Anthem] remix (Prototype 001)
Hit Me (MPRT)
Hyper~on Experience - Lords Of The Null Lines <original> (Moving Shadow)
Hyper~on Experience - Lords Of The Null Lines <Foul Play Remix> (Moving Shadow)
Hyper~on Experience - Assention <to the 9th level> (Moving Shadow)
Intense* - Genesis Project EP (Rugged -Vinyl 9)
Invisible Men - Invisible Techno (Orbital)
Ionosphere - Perfect Hibernation (Just 4 Me)
J. F. & E - Mystery 159 (White)
Jack Smooth - Tell me something (Sound Entity)
Jem 77 - Never felt this way (21 Records)
Jem 77 - Forbidden Planet (21 Records)
Jim Polo - The Nightrider Part 1 (Dark Horse)
JMJ & Richie - Case Closed / Hall Of Mirrors (Moving Shadow)
Junk Records 002 - EP EP (Junk)
Junk 003 (white label)
Junk 004*** (Junk 004) (Grooverider@theedge tune: "I'm sorry but your scratch is up")
K - Transmission (Audio Culture)
Kurnel Knifecut and General Gun - Theme from Daddy Armshouse (Daddy Armshouse)
Kev Bird + The Wax Doctor - THE VISIT TO 14B E.P. <Dark Matter> (Basement BRSS6)
Kev Bird - Kano (Basement)
Kev Bird - This is a trip (Basement BRSS 12)
Kid Twist - Dope On Plastic (Liquid Wax)
Kicks Like A Mule - The Bouncer (????)
Krackpotz - Taking the Biscuit (786 Recordings)
Krome & Time - Manic Stampede/This is the sound for.. (SUBBASE 011)
Krome & Time - Manic Stampede/This is the sound for.. *Remixes* (SUBBASE 011R)
L.T. Bukem - Logical Progression (VMR)
Lemon D - DJ's on Wax EP (Planet Earth)
Lemon D - Flashback (Planet Earth)
Lemon D - Kinetic State (Planet Earth)
Lemon D - Something I Feel (Planet Earth)
Lennie de Ice - We Are I.E. (I.E. 1989)
Low Noise Block - Rave in the Bedroom (Ibiza)
Luckyspin Records 007 - ? (Luckyspin)
Luna C Project - Edge of Madness (Knite Force)
M.d.emm 2 - Move Your Feet (Strictly Underground)
Mad Ragga Jon** - Original Bad Boy (Mad House Records)
Magnox - Ragamanic (White)
Marveline - Learn to love
Mayhem - M-Power (Basement Records)
The Men From Del Bosca* - El Bland E (Giant Trax)
Men From Del Bosca* - Street Knowledge (Giant Trax)
Metal Heads - Terminator (Synthetic Hardcore Phonography)
Menace Makes 3 - Pure Hysteria (Danse City)
Mission of One - Roughness (BTL)
Modular Expansion - Unit 1 (Music Man MMI9021)
Modular Expansion - Unit II (Music Man MMI9033)
Modular Expansion - Unit II (Music Man MMI9303)
Moonwalk 1 - Track A1 / Track A2 (White)
Moses On Acid - In Ska House (?)
MS Six - In The Jungle EP (Remix) (Absolute 2)
Mystery Man - DJ Business (Fokus)
Nebula II - Flatliners (J4M)
Neuromancer - Pennywise Original (Symphony Sounds 003)
Neuromancer - Pennywise (Clown Remix) (Symphony Sounds )
New Decade - Get the Message (remix) (Out Of Romford)
Noise Factory - Can you feel the rush (Ibiza 026)
Noise Factory - Feel the Magic (3rd Party)
Noise Factory - Need a release (Entity NTT12-11)
Noise Factory - The Dungeon (Ibiza 005)
Noise Of Art - Rolling Deep (Monday Mix) (Subbase ???)
Nookie - Return of Nookie (Reinforced RIVET 1239)
Nosebleed - Left / Right Nostril (Face)
NRG - Feel the Fury (Chill Records)
NRG - The Real Hardcore <aka I need your lovin'> (Chill Records)
Origination - Shine On (Unreleased 92 remix) (RUDE007)
Origin Unknown - Valley of the Shadows (Long Dark Remix) (RAM 004R)
Out of Orda - Zone 7 (Out of Orda)
Outphaze - Drop the Bass (Tone)
Peshay - On The Firm from the Protege EP (????)
Persons Unknown - Time to get raw / Killa (Candidate)
Potential Bad Boy- Vibes E.P. (Redskins)
Psychic TV "Jack The Tab" (????)
Psychic TV "Jack The Tab" *Picture Disk LP* (????)
Psychic TV "Money For E" (Invisible Records)
Psychic TV "Tune In, Turn On To Acid House" (Invisible Records)
Pulse + Wax Doctor - Brighter Future (Creative Wax)
Pulse & Wax Doctor** - Approach & Identify (????)
Poosie & Cru-L-T - Hear Me Hear Me (Knite Force)
Rabbit City Records * 001 "The Cutter" (Have the repress but need another for a friend)
Raging Rockers** - Kounter Act (Ruby Red Records LTD15)
Raging Rockers** - Kounter Act (Top Buzz Rmx) (Ruby Red Records)
Rebel MC - I cant get no sleep (dub) (Tribal Bass)
Recall - Driller Killer (Deja Vu DJV008)
Release - Dance in Eden (Contagious)
Remarc** - HELP ME E.P (Dollar #1)
Rhythm For Reasons - Grand National Original Mix (Formation FORM002)
Rhythm for Reasons - Music in Search of the Light EP (Formation FORM12022)
Rhythm Section - Feel the Rhythm (Rhythm Section)
Rhythm Section - Is This Real (Rhythm Section)
Ruffige Cru - Darkrider / Menace (Reinforced 24)
Ruff Groove - Lock Me Up (Ruff Groove)
Ruff guidance EP* (Ruff guidance)
Rush Till Dawn - Hedgehog Affair Part 3 <Don't Just Stand There> (Basement BRSS10)
Rush Till Dawn - 'Come on let's have some fun' (Purple Heart)
Satin Storm - Lets get together
Satin Storm - Think I'm going out of my head
Scott & Keith** - Get Busy Kru (Reinforced 41)
Shades of Rhythm - Sweet Sensation (ZTT)
Shades of Rhythm - Jungle EP - Sweet sensation [Ray Keith remix] (S.O.R)
Skanna - Ceasefire / Dreamin (Whitehouse)
Skin Up - A Jucey Red Apple (Polydor Ltd UK)
Skin Up - Ivory <Ebony Mix> (Polydor Ltd UK)
Smooth But Hazardous - Push The Levels (????)
Sonic Experience** - Musics Gonna Rule The World (Strictly Underground)
Sonic Experience** - Protein (Strictly Underground)
Space Cube - Live is Picnic (Edge)
Spinback & Windmill - Divine inspiration (legend 02)
Studio Pressure - Jump (Certificate 18 #3)
Sub Love - 1 4 0 (Earth)
SUBURBAN KNIGHT "Nocturbulous Behavior" (Underground Resistance 011)
Subplates Vol.1 (Suburban Base SUBBASE24)
Success & Effect (Carl Cox) - Roll It Up (Joey Boy?)
Success & Effect (Carl Cox) - Lets Do It (Joey Boy?)
Sy Kick - Upside / Nasty (remix) (Hamster 12QUICK1)
Sy-Kick - Knowledge E.P. <Follow Me> (Hamster 12QUICK4)
Syko + Max - Here and Now (pmt)
Takeaboom - Feel that feelin' (Urban Shakedown)
Tango** - Can't Stop the Rush Remix (Formation)
Tek 9 - Real Love (Reinforced)
Tek Nik - The power of the darkside (F-Project White 30)
The Charm - Bass Overdose EP (White)
The Core - High in the jungle (The Core)
The House Crew - Euphoria (Nino's Dream) (Production House)
The Hypnotist - Rainbows In The Sky (Rising High)
The Moog - Jungle Muffin (original) (Delirous)
The Moog Remix E.P - Going Crazy (Justice Remix) (Delirious Recordings)
The Skunk Club - Skratch the Beat (Vinyl Rhythm)
The Sorceror - The Elevator (After Dark ADR 01)
The Tranquil One - Rave Era / Dance to the Music (786)
THE VISION - Gyroscopic EP (Underground Resistance 008)
Tic Tac Toe*** - Ephemarol (Original mix) (white label)
Tight Control - Hardcore Piano (Bear Necessities)
Timelapse - Sued for a sample (Out of Romford)
Timelapse - Sunshine Choir (Out of Romford)
Todd Terry - This will be mine (Freeze Records?)
Tom & Jerry*** - Papillion Love Song (Tom + Jerry Volume 3) (grooverider@theedge tune: "let it go")
Tom & Jerry - We Can Be Free/Physics (Shell 002)
Top Buzz - Living in the Darkness / Viola (Basement BRSS013)
Trashman - Cosmotrash The Remixes (Music Man MMI9350)
Tronix - Double Zero EP (White)
Turntable Hype - Set You Free (Go Bang! 13)
Two Dark Troopers - I Wanna Be Your Lover (Basement 20)
U96* - Fly like a dum dum (FFRR)
Untoucbables - Njoi This (Tough Toonz)
Urban Shakedown - Bass Speaker (Urban Shakedown)
Urban Shakedown* - Do it Now! (Urban Shakedown)
Wax Doctor - A New Direction EP (Basement BRSS11)
Wax Doctor & Jack Smooth - New Direction 93 Remix (Basement BRSS027)
Wax Doctor - Another Direction (Basement 18)
Weekend Rush EP - Desire (Boogie Beat)
Wishdokta - Rush / Whine you Bottom (Kickin)
Wishdokta - Visitation (Asylum)
X-Ray Experiments - Take no chance (?)
XL Four Play EP - Various (XL)
Xpin - Hypersonic - White (blue vinyl)
Yolk - Sunny Side Up E.P. <Music for the people / Bish Bosh> (Ruffbeat001)

Naughty Naughty Volumes:
Vol 2: NN002
Vol 3: NN003
Vol 4: NN004
Vol 6: SLY 006
Vol 7: BOND 007
Vol 8: FIDDLE 008
Vol 9: BUK IT 009
Vol 10: TENN 010
Vol 11: ?????


Digital Future
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Ez mate, this is MY thread, and if anyones got a copy of Beachball, theyre gonna sell it to ME, ok??? :D :D :D


VIP Junglist
Mulla said:
Ez mate, this is MY thread, and if anyones got a copy of Beachball, theyre gonna sell it to ME, ok??? :D :D :D
but 1992 has a copy which he wants to trade for some off that list :rolleyes:

btw 1992, u is after a shit load of tunes...can't see ya gettin most of um though


Digital Future
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*Mulla slaps himself*

God Im thick!!! Sorry 1992!!! Shit, wish I had some of those tunes you want. If you decide you want to sell it after all, PM me, ok?


VIP Junglist
Yah well I got to keep trying otherwise I'll never find that stuff. Ok how about two peices of hardcore for 3 the hard way EP? I don't think its a good idea for me to just sell it as I know eventually I'll find someone who wants it really bad who has some hardcore to trade for it.


Digital Future
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Yeah. thats fair enough mate. I aint got any of the vinyl on your list tho! :cry:


my best m8 phil has this tune.. bastard! no matter how many times or in how many different ways, he WILL NOT swap or sell me that fucking tune! :mad:

wicked tune m8... :thumbsup:


Digital Future
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Right heres what were gonna do: get a couple of baseball bats, couple of balaclavas, gram of the good stuff to get us on our way - then were gonna go round your mate Phils, and we aint fucking leaving til I have that record!!! :gun:


pocket of resistance
thats the EP with "plastic" on it aint it?

oohhhhh no - cant be selling that one :thumbsd: