Only a Transition - DnB from Germany (free download!)


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Jul 25, 2016
Sup dudes and dudettes,

My name is Johann and i recently started experienting with dnb tunes. My origin lies in the prog metal scene but as i started to expand my musical horizon i discovered dnb to be one the most energetic electronic music styles ever (hope some of you can relate!)
A week ago i finished working on a neurofunk-ish mashup of Rick Astleys ¨Never gonna give you up¨ which was a mere fun project for me haha, but here is a more serious track. When you give it a listen you will surely have an idea who my favorite dnb artists are (Mefjus, Bensley, Black Sun Empire, Kung, Feint, Future Primitive and so on)

Enjoy! As the title says its a free download, feel free to check out my other stuff. Feedback is always appreciated!

- Johann
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