1. SubliminalDJ

    DnB Keep It Hidden - Rollers & Jumpup Drum and Bass Mix (VOL. 1) by Subliminal

    Hi dnbforum, My name's Subliminal and I've just joined dnbforum looking to meet people as enthusiastic about D&B as I am. I believe I'm in the right place anyway... Send me your mixes I wanna show them love! Safe x Keep It Hidden - Rollers & Jumpup Drum and Bass Mix (VOL. 1) by Subliminal
  2. O

    what synths are guys like benny l / limited / traumatize / serum / bladerunner etc using

    just wondered if anyone knew what synths benny l / limited / traumatize / upgrade / serum / bladerunner and other guys doing the more resonant bass styles at the moment
  3. DeeGun

    Kings Of The Rollers (Serum, Voltage, Bladerunner, Inja) @ Rampage 2018
  4. DeeGun

    Kings Of The Rollers with Inja @ Hospitality Garden Party
  5. DeeGun

    Serum - Shogun Leeds Promo Mix

  6. DeeGun

    Serum & MC Phantom - Innovation in the Sun 2017
  7. Borzion

    DnB Jungle Bass

    I'm trying to experiment with some old school jungle bass sounds but I can't seem to find any tutorials or patches online Can someone point me in the direction of some or better yet a quick run through of how to make them Thanks in advance
  8. DeeGun

    Low Down Deep - Dominator Tribute Show

    Flat T b2b Telekom b2b Lady V-Dubz K-Motionz b2b Subsonic b2b Complex with MCs Decoy and AC...
  9. keelan

    Help making this bass

    Hi, i would really like some help on making this bass, it can be with with serum or massive (preferably serum) Thank you!
  10. A

    Nym - Settle

    Recently started producing drum & bass, so any feedback {good or bad) is much appreciated. thanks :)
  11. E

    Trying to recreate old synths like Mr Happy & Warning

    Hey guys new here so im not sure if this is the type of thing usually asked/discussed here. Ive spent the last couple of days trying to replicate the bass from Mr Happy or Guv's Warning in serum or massive and failing miserably. Has anyone managed to do this or does anyone know how they made...
  12. H

    Origin unknown bass design

    Looking to make some bass that has that night flight/quest wobbly sound... any tips to point me in the right direction? It isn't a complex patch given the era it was produced, but it is distinctive and unique. I use serum and massive, tried using wave table oscillation and mods but can't get any...
  13. OaT

    Only a Transition - DnB from Germany (free download!)

    Sup dudes and dudettes, My name is Johann and i recently started experienting with dnb tunes. My origin lies in the prog metal scene but as i started to expand my musical horizon i discovered dnb to be one the most energetic electronic music styles ever (hope some of you can relate!) A week ago...
  14. ThinkMolecule

    Reese Preset Packs Suck! So I Made A Better One

    I've been making bass music since forever and I've always noticed that the preset packs usually contain little to no validated Reese Basses. So I made one myself for everyone else. It's only $10 and for what I've paid for other people's packs it's damn worth it. You can buy it from my website...


    It's been nearly three years since the closure of our previous home Cable. We've been busy behind the scenes, not only looking for a new venue, but also working with a host of brand new artists. We're very excited to announce the first event of our 2016 residency at The Qube Project, London, on...
  16. HEIST

    Heist Preset pack for Xfer Records Serum Virtual Synth

    Hi everyone, it's been a while since I posted on here, but thought this might be of interest to some of you : ) I've recently released my first ever preset bank of sounds (which will be a continuing excursion in the coming months - creating a collection) and I chose to start with Serum. Here's...
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