New Tune finished, looking for some feedback please!


At times this tune reminded me of Spor's Ziggurat; it was quite nice. I do think the intro went on a bit long w/out enough going on, but when we got to the 1st drop at 1:07 it was very nice. I also enjoy the high voice part you added at about 1:30. The piano in the breakdown added a nice variation to the sound.

The only other critique I might have is kind of a personal opinion: at the second drop you should hit them with EVERYTHING you've got. Your second drop is at about 2:57, but you don't bring back in that cool/fun high voice until 3:19, and when you do bring it back it stays for most of the rest of the song. I would put the high voice in at the drop, and then remove it closer to the end as the song winds down.

Very clean, and fresh sounding.

BTW, I'm new to production myself, so if my advice is off apologies in advance.
Hiya Altodnb, I think the intro is very soft, whilst I realise the melody is similar I kinda cant relate the intro to where you hit the song at 1.06 or so (which I really like). i like the drop down to piano at 2.13 (nice!) and love the synth behind it, agree with kdk you goota ramp it up here and go for everything !!! ;)