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Sep 27, 2007
Right, I'm getting a bit weary of having eff all bass when I'm mixing in my room. I currently have these Ion things which came with the Numark battle pack.

I know it's HTFR and people tend not to like it, but I was looking at this little set as I'm on a verrrry tight budget!

Just wanted to see if anyone has these or knows how they sound, I'm a bit dubious about the quality!

Get an ounze of smoke, sell it, and use the profit for better speakers lol!

But on a serious note anything, and i mean anything will be a fucking million times better then those Ion things! Get the the Logitech kit, i've used them a lot and do the job a gooden!
I had to use those ion speakers for 6 years lol.
They are now safe and sound in my loft.
I need new speakers too, I don't want to spend much and they have to be small for my table

My current ones, even though I don't tend to mix at a really loud volume, have a tendency for one to fall off the table during a mixing session...quite funny really. The front bit falls off but it just clips back I could do with some better quality speakers
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