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  • Well thats tough, menstruation cycle must be a bitch :P Sorry for that comment, get pissy sometimes and you happened to be on the end of this one! But seriously, dubstep, is too easy when you spend longer than 5 minutes trying to mix and give up cos it's well outta your comfort zone.. If you are proper Dj you can mix anything ;)

    i went to the record shop below a few days ago. Massively long walk from OMG and in the rain/snow. Anyway, it was closed and some woman inside said that the shop was getting taken over or something. Didn't think to ask whether it was by another shop or just changing staff and keeping the shop. Just a bit wounded that I didn't get to go and look in there.

    you know anything about this?
    noob is a newbie. I got called a noob for the first three years on the forum cause i never posted much. Don't let it bug ya, you seem like your heart is in the right place.
    there are some really dope cats on this forum. I have been on here since 2003, and with the exception of a few noobs that have 3000+ posts in less than a year, people are real chill.
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