New Mix, but not DnB


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26 and look under artists. New IDM mix of all Merck records from me... or if you have to have a direct link...

click.... HERE!

1. Syndrone- Tedow- Merck
2. Machine Drum- Yo, What, Uh, Yeah- Merck
3. Morris Nightingale- LP Output- Merck
4. Marumari- Botany (Lacklustermx)- Merck
5. Machine Drum- Wishbone Be Broken- Merck
6. Lackluster- 07/05/00- Merck
7. Kristuit Salu- Ethno Cen- Merck
8. Tim Koch- Poly800v.5.6581- Merck
9. Machine Drum- Izey Rael (Icey Rail Rmx)- Merck
10. Machine Drum- Izey Rael- Merck
11. Ilkae- Packing Slip- Merck
12. Proem- Binary & Bored- Merck
13. Lackluster- Haloaw- Merck
14. Lackluster- Strateface/KCLO- Merck
15. Lackluster- 18/10/99- Merck
16. Brothomstates- Remix- Merck
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Originally posted by tenbellys
what type is that, music that is
IDM doesn't really fit into any specific genre, just alternative stuff. Most of it is either hip hop influenced or electro influenced in that set... think of Aphex Twin and Squarepusher