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This is Dog Fort
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Nov 29, 2001

It's laaaaaate ;)

However, I have got this whole new forum style going down, I hope you like it :D

It's new, and I know it has bugs in it, so if you see anything that is not right, please leave details of where you saw it in this thread, and I will get onto it asap.

As for the other ideas in the How can we improve thread, I am working on them!
Nice mate, I prefer it each time you re-design it!!! Saw some computer programming forum that used exactly the same layout as the old dnbforum the other day! :afro:
Stuuu man, Im getting laods of 'broken image' icons (red circle witha white cross) instead of the message icons. Im on a Mac, if that helps at all.
Yeah, I am currently adding the message icon thing like klusta requested, should be sorted now :)
Message icon thing is done *fingers crossed*

Going to do attachments soonish :slayer:
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