My tune - Something Special


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Mar 29, 2007
So I have the song in its raw layout. Just need some tips and/or advice from the boffs as to what can be changed/improved i.e length, melody, EQ etc.

Thank you


In particular, I'm not entirely good at the outro, it seems too change to suddenly and doesn't have a great ending.
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That link is hating me at the mo, I'll check back in a few and give some feedback.
ez ac, good effort here bro, the bass in nice n clear! i would def throw a few delayed effects in there to give it some dynamics, maybe some more layered filtered out drums, hats, shakers that kind a thing. bring that creepy pad into the mix more, filter it about n stuff... just need soemthing like a few more breaks to pick up the pace, a breakdown maybe too

i like it tho man, neat idea
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