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  • PS gotta say a seperate shout for the Graff I appriciate it as an art form brightens places and dull venues up it's these pointless woz ere/ stupid sayings ppl jus put up with a splodge of paint or a quick spray that a hate. Must have a steady hand mine would go all over place.
    Safe mate cheers for the addz. Checked out your mixes what i've heard pretty sound stuff. On the discussion on MC's I don't mind 5ive-o when he starts getting edgy over garage and random disturbances lol peace
    haha yeah man, drama galore as always!
    Glad to hear your doing good, everyone wondered where you had dissapeared to! Sounds like a good idea tho, I could really do with getting off this place and doing something productive haha.
    Yeah man let me know when the tracks are up, would like to have a listen! take care bro
    hey gimme a pm with you mix when you get this, ive given you til tomorrow morning, yeh.
    hope your good
    hey love.
    any words on that flyer thing you wanted? Got a bit of free time now.
    hey you wouldnt have a spare flyer from the last one by any chance
    never seen any of my stuff printed it out :D
    easy mate, hows the artwork comin on???? i aint buggin bout it, know ya get loads to do, ive seen everyone elses requests!
    Alright chief, how do? How was your night at Liquid Envy? Just thought id let you know that its my first night down in Horsham @ Chameleon if your fancy painting the town red? haha! If your free, pop down mate! Take it easy homes!
    nah , not got it yet blad ... send me it when you can yea. ill stick it on my myspaz and on here.
    ez kemz .. any luck on the Katskan graff yet with the mic ?? .. im sorting my myspaz out and other stuff and id like it as my main background if possible. let me know .
    yeah man, that will be cool- just as long as there is no live show on. let me know what time and ill come online to help with the test. :-)
    ez bro, just spoke to Rick, you DO need to connect your router to your pc/laptop if you are havin problems. do you already have a cable to do such a thing?
    Easy mate, yeah man you could get a Disfunktional Sig, i cant do them myself. Ricky Mancini made mine. ;-) ask him on the forum pal
    easy bro... problem is... i dont have the track you start with... only the original.... and the track flicky ends with i dont have either... hahaha.. ill try and see if BeBop has them... but from what i remember i dont think he has...
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