Dubstep Modz - The Unknown - Re - edit - remastered


Nice wubbing, nice melodic progression in the intro. One concern, though—dubstep has drops in it, right? I couldn't clearly make out where the drop was supposed to be. At about 1:50? It could maybe be a bit more defined (and what happened to the wubbing at this point?)...

The wubbing comes back in at 3:00 or so, but that part feels like a buildup to a second (forthcoming?) drop. I guess the second drop would be at about 3:25?

The pads are quite pleasant, and give a really great atmosphere. I like the feel of the drums, though maybe they could be a touch louder.

Another breakdown at about 4:25. You bring in some vocals, and they're good but maybe could have been in the beginning of the track as well. Actually yes, I really like the vocals.

I would concentrate on structure with this track; it tends to wander without a clear direction. There's a lot of great material, though, so it's likely just a task of cutting and pasting and rearranging. Finally, the mixing was clear, no mud or anything, so good work on that. :)
thank for leaving so much feedback. you have truly made my day :)

I get what you mean around 1:50. The wobbing is there but not prominent as it should be.

yeah around 4 - 4:25 I was going for a mini drop before the big drop. I'll work on my drops overall.

Thank the mixing part is what I focused on the most :)

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Hey man! You know, besides what kdk said, I'd work with some LFO speed too. Like you have it wobbling three times on one bar, then 6 times on the other (always working with triplets). I liked the House-thingy you made too!