Drum & Bass Modz - Imperial Wind [WID clip]


Hey guys :), I've been working on the track day and night for the past week. I came up ith this and tried to apply what I learned from my past track. It's not quite done I still have to eq it
properly nd various other things. Also I feel that my patterns overall ok but I want htme to be great. Any advice on how to make my track more interesting or work/sound better will be greatly appreciated.


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I really enjoyed the intro.. I'm not feeling the main sections really. I think that resonant sound needs some other mid bass to alternate between if you get me? And you said u had some eqing left to do... so I cant really comment on that for now then. but it is a bit unbalanced, yep.

Keep at it, as I said.. atmospheres are nicely done tho!


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intro sounds good, i think the bit with the half time beat needs a bit more funk to it though. maybe try adding in some off beat kicks/toms, or even reverse kicks/snares and general swooshing sounds can make a beat like that come to life.

i think the main section is pretty good but it kinda comes a bit out of nowhere if you know what i mean? like the bit at 3:15 is fine because the point is it kinda comes out of nowhere. but the half-arsed build up at like 1:50 doesn't really add anything at all.. if you're going to have a build up like that then i think you need more textures building up as opposed to just the kick of the break. an easy way to do that is to get some white noise, put a low pass filter with really high resonance on it and then slowly open the cut off as the drop approaches. and i'd say a little snare roll or fill of some kind just before the drop would work nicely. but just experiment and play around with it, listen to whatever inspires you for ideas!