Mixing to achieve volume


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Nov 12, 2008
everytime i do a mix down. i'll compare it to some of my favourite artists tracks. everytime i do i can't help but notice the fullness that all proffesional sounding tracks have. they all sound so loud (yet they still have transients!) and they all sound so warm (could it be i'm mixing not enough middle/bass into my tracks?).

how much difference does getting a track sent off to be mastered make to the volume/warmth of it? i can't help think there's more that i could do at my end first.

i was using psp vintage warmer on the end of all my tracks for a while and only recently noticed it actually distorts the tracks giving it an unwanted compressed/gritty sound.

any tips on creating a nice LOUD track (compressors always seem to ruin the sound of my tracks)?
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