MINDR008: Akuma - Loss Of Self / Macc & dgoHn - 15 Bit - PROMOS OUT NOW!!!



It been a while, but its here! 2 slices of future funk in the shape of a 12" record!

MINDR008 is the debut of anime fiend Dave Akuma & drumtastic Macc & dgoHn.
2 Sides of drums, 2 sides of filth, but 2 sides of a very very different nature.

Audio for Mindr008 (iTunes, Realplayer, Winamp or alike player is needed)

A Side
Akuma - Loss Of Self PLAY>>
Haunting Chinese anime influenced siege against the funky nassau. A ride to kill all rides, Akuma unleashes a defiant race against the tempo as a fast and furious attack of the beat is let loose. Stabs of terror and a ripping b-line make this one not for the easy listener but those that like there beat hard

AA Side
Macc & dogHN - 15 Bit PLAY>>
Dubbed out b-lines that’ll make your brain nod, entered by a rising break against the grain. As daunting drones of bass and tones are pushed though your speaker. Macc & dgoHn don’t make you suffer tying you in from the deep end.

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Don't forget you can aslo pick up MINDR007 our storming medievil beating by Donny available now in all good records shops now!

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phew, more to come im sure...