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Dec 3, 2001
Kingz Lyn, UK
Cut n pasted from an email I recieved

Sunday 15th September 2002
At Cargo. Kingsland Viaduct. 83 Rivington Street, London EC2A 3AY
6pm - 12am (Midnight)
£6 / £5 N.U.S. / £4 Members

Extra-Special Showcase night!
MC TALI (Full Cycle)

Guest DJs appearing:

Hosted by:

As the nights draw in and the sun sets, the UK leaves behind its long, hot summer (!!!?) and we all stay in that little bit more.

But there is something to make an extra-effort to go out for, how about listening to the freshest breakbeats in Londons most cutting-edge club? Yes, its time for the fifth MOVEMENT LIVE @ CARGO.

Movement, and especially Movement Live, prides itself on being host to any new murmuring in the live arena within D&B/Jungle.

From Kosheens first-ever P.A. @ Mass in Brixton and then their first-ever live show, coincidentally at the first Movement Live, to Breakbeat Era @ Planet V, Fabric in 1999 and DJ Patife, Movement has a history of showcasing the hottest live acts within the scene.

For the next Movement Live, there is no exception. We will be playing host to a showcase from MC TALI - the New Zealander who doesnt mind lamb-usting us with her tones of butter-smooth sound.

We here at Movement played host to one of MC TALIs first-ever shows in the UK when she appeared at our Planet V tent at the Ministry of Sound festival last year at Knebworth.

Since then, she has recorded Do You Remember Me? alongside DJ Suv and then the chart-bound and Jo-Whiley/Steve Lamacq adored, Lyric On My Lip alongside Roni Size. The next twelve months will see MC TALI establish herself as an artist in her own right with a solo album and more singles coming on the legendary Full Cycle label.

But wait, time to get Grimey! V RECORDINGS head-honcho BRYAN GEE will be playing his world-renowned mixture of the latest V RECORDINGS dubplates alongside whatever else he has found on his travels, you may die at the size of his wall of sound and friends that contribute to it.

Thats not all though, because all-round nice guy and Mr. Eclectic himself PATRICK FORGE will be opening your mind and warming your cockles to his various sounds of now, ably supported by DANNY WHEELER who will be bringing his South-Coast Drum & Bass sound to East of the Smoke.

So who is going to guide us through this musical voyage? Well apart from the seminal NORMSKI, there will be MC DARRISON the Brighton homeboy. We are also pretty sure that MC TALI may feel the urge to expand her vocal chords again.

Accompanying these musical visionaries will be the worldwide taste of the Cargo STREET FOOD in Cargos own restaurant.

What better way to spend a SundayŠ?

³Movement _ It is a live thing².

Next Movement Live @ Cargo _ Sunday November 17th 2002


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Mar 21, 2002
Bored at Work
Originally posted by klusta

yeah, dunno where they got me address from though?

Probably get our addresses from forums like this and also off DOA, DnB Arena etc. They dont have to pay for them that way.


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Nov 29, 2001
Originally posted by Mulla

Probably get our addresses from forums like this and also off DOA, DnB Arena etc. They dont have to pay for them that way.

Your email addresses arnt shown on dnbforum :)
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