Master chain plug in suggestions


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Alright guys.

I thought i'd post this to see what some of the more experienced producers amongst us use.

Can you take a minute to post what DAW your using and what plugins you use when mastering your tracks.

Cheers guys!


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DAW: Ableton Suite 9
Mastering Effects: Alesis 3630 Compressor (hardware), Shaack Audio Transient Shaper, Fabfilter Pro-L, iZotope Ozone 5 Advanced, Softube Tube-Tech CL 1B.


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Right now I just use standard Logic Pro Compressor, Logic Pro EQ & Faraway Limiter. Not too advanced of a producer yet to dish out tons of money on Plug-ins. When I used Reason (which I kinda miss), I used the Mastering Suite (EQ, Comp, Stereo, Limiter)


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During production/mixing:
Tokyo Dawn Feedback Compressor II (1.2:1 ratio, adjusted threshold so that it does about 1db of GR, no output gain compensation)
This is for a bit of "glue" on the master, as I like to mix into an easygoing compressor. This is just a preference, some people prefer not to have anything on the master bus at all during mixing.

TLs maximizer (adjusted input gain so that it "tickles" the 0db threshold, meaning that it most of the time doesn't do anything).
This is basically just to protect myself and my monitors from wild peaks while I'm working, but sometimes I will punch up the input gain to get 3-6db gain reduction just to get a feel for how it will sound when I apply final mastering.

For finalizing:
Tokyo Dawn Feedback Compressor II (same settings as when mixing, it's still just there for glue).

FabFilter MB (multiband compressor)
I don't always use it, sometimes it helps to control the 300-600hz range (pads and stuff) which is an area I tend to struggle a bit to get control of if I'm layering a lot of pads and have a lot of other melodic content as well.

Variety of Sound Baxter EQ in M/S mode(usually start with the "Depth and presence" preset and tweak to taste from there)
This one does nice things with the bottom and top end, and I like to boost that on the mix as a whole as I think it sounds better that way.

Brainworx bx_XL 2
If I need more "loud", and/or don't have the time to fix it in the mix. Applying some "XL" on the non-bass bands can sometimes make breaks sound bigger.

FabFilter Pro-L
Final limiting