Marcus Intalex & Break @ Soul:ution Radio 12 [4/11/2008]


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Apr 22, 2007
Marcus Intalex & Break @ Soul:ution Radio 12 [2008/11/04]

Marcus Intalex said:
hi yall.. up there somewhere is the new show.. i am not sure if i can link directly to it or not but i just had it playin for a couple of seconds before i realised i didn’t wanna hear myself again. It takes a couple of brain cells to actually work out exactly where it is on the site, but i guess having more than just the two cells is a prerequisite for wanting to listen to soulution radio in the first place (well i certainly hope so anyway).
Please dont ask me for mp3s as i record the show for redbull so i guess its up to them what they choose to do with it.. Besides its always good to go n visit the site as there loads of other hi quality shows up there too.. I guess though most of you know where else to look for it.
Here’s the tracklist.. Break is in the mix.. His Lp “Symmetry” is out now..


  1. Instra:Mental - Photograph [DARKESTRAL]
  2. Carl Matthes & Tyler Straub - Avani [BREAK THE SURFACE]
  3. Break Feat Kyo - Last Chance [SYMMETRY]
  4. Spy - Monochrome [SOUL:R]
  5. Calibre - Two-Drop [SIGNATURE]
  6. Lynx & Kemo - You Are Being Lied To [SOUL:R]
  7. Marcus Intalex - Electrocution [SOUL:R]
  8. Lomax - Too Real [SOUL:R]
  9. Mutt - Go On And Cry [INSIDE]
  10. Benny Page - Run It Back [N/A]
  11. D-Bridge - Wonder Where [NON PLUS]

    >>> Break In The Mix 45 Minutes

  12. Craggz & Parallel Forces- Shake The Disease [VALVE]
  13. Stretch - Papa Lover (Serum Remix) [N/A]
  14. Lomax - Shortlist [N/A]
  15. Lynx ft Spoonface - All You Own [SOUL:R]
  16. Calibre - Trying To Remember [SIGNATURE]
  17. Dan Habarnam - Zoom Back Camera [N/A]
  18. Marcus Intalex - Debbit [REVOLVE:R]

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