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  • Dude, haven't seen you on the forum/group for ages.
    Last activity 38 minutes ago. Where are you hiding? ;D
    too old. Jesus christ! :teeth:

    I'll check the dubstep thing out later this week, but have seen promo before, should be good...
    Will be posted up in the group after my exams (i finish wednesday).
    If i get my diploma, i won't be home alot though this week.
    Star warz on thursday > graduate night at school + bassface (a small dubstep party in aalst, to raise funds for a vzw we're starting up to organise parties) on friday + a bday party of a mate of mine on saturday ...

    And the week after that Rock Werchter :D
    sounds good man. Buttt, the week after that is my birthday, which means nero and tc in brugge. And being 'fucking young' and still living under my parents' roof... :D Can't go all nighters every weekend. But having holiday that week will play in my advantage. I'll keep you updated on this one.
    so, got any info on untitled?
    you're goin right?
    Sucks a bit that it's in antwerp. Sucky trainride home in the morning. Hard to find a mate willing to go with me...
    Are you on facebook?
    Quite alot of pictures to be fair!
    Ahhhh, I would... how much would tickets be then?! haha :)
    This weekend, a shit dnb party is on, but i dont really want to go... mixing will be shit, and i cba!
    I have 7 horses in total... for my sins!!
    My whole of december is going to be boring, trying to save some money so i can buy some pressies! Cant even afford to drink really :(
    My weekend was prety boring, alot of riding involved... Hunting on sat, jumping 5 foot hedges on my horse.. which scared the shit outa me!! But toher than that, very boring!
    Anything exciting planned for this weekend coming?
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