Live DnB tomorrow at 4pm


Nov 30, 2001
Destiny is gonna be doing a drum n bass set tomorrow (Sunday) round my house at 4PM

I'll be giving out the IP tomorrow at 3.30pm giving you plenty of notice to tune in, a chat room will also be available at the url below

just click the "Chat me" button and you'll be transported to my chat room

hope to see ya there!
Just to follow on from that, It's 31seconds night on Break Pirates today (Sunday) from 7-11PM :D

DJs TripleM, billdingo, and SDM back 2 back for 3 hours!

At 10PM, DJ Klusta touches down :p

Miss it, miss out! As per usual, we'll be spinning a few dubs too ;) for more information!
Stu, it looks like Live365 might have pulled their finger out. I'm testing the live stream from a modem connection atm(sending and receiving at once) and it seems completely fine.
Aplogies for the late start, a certain 7 year old caused us our delay ;o)

Destiny is broadcasting now until 7pm on

Chat room for requests trades etc can be found at just click on the "Chat Me" button to enter my room

cya there!

Dont forget Breakpirates right afterwards 7-11pm with the 31 seconds crew
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