kryptic minds - whiplash / drawback [monitor]


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Nov 29, 2001
found this one on chemical a few days ago! i am not too sure if it was promo'd, or how old it is (ive put it down as 2002 on the audio page).

basically, you have prolly heard 'the truth' by kryptic minds, this is the same sort of style :D
whiplash starts with a scary vocal / dark string intro, then the phat bass synth touches down - badass :slayer: all we need now is the drums, and here they come (in a 2 step fashun!)
drawback is on the aa side. yet another dark select with the creepy vocal insiiide. keepin the same sort of feel as the a side, but with more note changes on the bass synth. seems like kryptic minds can't do wrong (in my book!)

two top choons from andy c's new label signings, i can't wait to hear the next one!

rinse out, 5/5 afro's from me!

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