Kryptic Minds & Leon Switch - Hide The Tears

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Hide The Tears
2 guys one mission to catapult Metalheadz straight to the top of the d&b labels for 2004. This tune is unstoppable, from the eerie spoken 'Hide The Tears' to the epic & enchating synths that bellow from the sinister depths of the echoed hardcore stabs. A constant high-hat tatters to the point where you just know it's going to get a whole lot grubbier then any tune you've heard for a long time.
Kryptic & Switch don't opt for big build ups & wabbling b-lines they want to command your attention from the word go & as soon as the 'Tech Itch' sounding sci-fi filters attack your caught.
Hypnotic drum work mauls at the speakers reaching for your mind & altering any happy state of mind you were into be a pure energy filled trip. Quick hi shuffles & staggered snare patterns flow menacingly, jacking your body in time & adding small fills to keep you grining from ear to ear for just how good this tune is. Low sub's rumble below the rock star drum kicks & flakey cymbal crashes, before the eerie female vocals haunt the tune once again.
The second break is reminisante of the first just a quick layer of warped sci-fi synths then everything doubles up for a colossus of a finish.
An absoloute monster of a track & one that will be heading into people's favouries for a long time. If you like your tunes to have that edge & rugged feel then this is all for you. Goldie has taken a step back to get the label back on track & I've got nothing but respect for him for adding some great talents to the label.


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Overall: 9/10
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