Kronix - Kung Fu

Like it! I think that intro would definitely sound sick in the mix, layed over the break or outro of another tune before knocking people out with some dark vibes! the only thing I not sure about is that detuned synth with the slow attack.
Ez man.. Not a big lover of DubStep, but production seems pretty much spot on
ez, wait a moment before you declare the section dead ;)

think that kick has too much of a doing in it, would have loved that to be more clinical, aswell as the basses. sound too synthesized for that kinda style still.

songwriting-wise this is goood again!

big ups°!
i like what happens at 2:46 it needs more weird elements like that with strange sweeps and reverbs and things. its really cleanly, (i like the kick btw, its character comes out 100%) the mix is squeaky clean but the tune is pretty repetitive, that bass synth is from a vsti you programmed right? so you could probably do a bunch of sick variations on the riff pretty easy (for exmple).
Hi man, left comments on the clip a few days ago but thought I would post in here to give you a bump! :D

As I said, kick doesn't sound quite right to me. maybe over compressed? I am going to be careful with the use of that phrase though as I am no compression expert at all! :lol:

Found the intro a bit bare too. Hope you don't mind!

Cool sounds though, and nice wobble things :)

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