KRK Package For Sale (2 X RP8 G2 & 10S)

Hi guys,

I am looking to sell my beloved KRK system and thought I would advertise here to my fellow forum heads before sticking it up on Ebay.

The system includes 2 used Rockit 8 2nd generation active monitors and 1 brand new 10s active subwoofer. Please read the following info..

* All of equipment is well cared for, having only been used for home mixing and production and has never been used away from home. I have never turned the gains on the monitors past 3 o'clock, even though KRK recommend using them at full gain and, although the subwoofer on offer is actually a brand new replacement, I had never turned the gain on my previous subwoofer past 12 o'clock. I am very careful not to supply the equipment with excessive input signals i.e. staying out of the reds when mixing and a low gain from a sound card when producing.

* The monitors are 2 years old and in fantastic working order. One of the monitors gives a slight pop sometimes when turning on and off. Although this rarely happens I have checked the issue with KRK who assure me that this is due to not turning down the gains prior to powering off and on and does not effect the monitors performance. I have both the original boxes and manuals for the monitors.

* The subwoofer is a brand new replacement for a faulty 10s I previously owned. The driver component in the previous subwoofer had failed successively in the previous unit which was eventually linked to a faulty chipboard. So I have a brand new replacement for sale, still sealed and in the box.

For full info on the spec please visit the KRK website Anybody who's owned or used their monitors previously will know the quality of the sound they produce. The monitors are tight and punchy with a great range. When paired with the sub the sound is immense. The sub gives an incredibly deep high volume but accurate bass response.

Buying all of this new would cost between £750-800 so given the condition of the monitors and the brand new sub I will be looking to sell the system for £550+. I will even chuck in a pair of steel Target monitor stands which bring the monitors up to ear height when mounted on a desk.

I am selling to get funds to buy the Yamaha HS80M monitors and to upgrade my mixer to the Allen & Heath XONE 42.

Please post or message me with any questions or offers.