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Aug 3, 2010
Track list:
i. Junglord - The Future is Now [Hangry Records]
ii. Junglord - Keep out of the Hood [Forthcoming on NSA Records]
iii. Da Infadel - ??
iv. Congo Natty - Junglist (Junglord Remix) [Unreleased]
v. Junglord - One more time [Unreleased]
vi. Junglord - Let's change the subject [Technicolour]
vii. Da Infadel - Mrs Jones [Unreleased]
viii. Junglord - Juke Booty [Unreleased]
ix. Junglord - Religion [Good Street Records]
x. Adam F - Burning Deep (DJ Harmony Remix) [Section 5 Records]
xi. Junglord - All up for Jupiter [HiHeadz]
xii. Junglord - Chance for a Gooden [Forthcoming ??]
xiii. Duburban & Junglord & Jahganaut - ?? [Unreleased]
xiv. Junglord - Ay Bwoy [Forthcoming ??]
xv. Da Infadel - ??
xvi. Junglord - Retaliation [Forthcoming on UK Jungle Records]
xvii. Junglord - Woof Woof [Unreleased]
xviii. Junglord - Earth [Unreleased]
xix. Junglord - Flip [Unreleased]
xx. Junglord - Feel No Pain [UK Jungle Records]
xxi. M-Beat ft. General Levy - Incredible (Galvatron Remix)
xxii. Duburban - Spooky Sunday [UK Jungle Records]
xxiii. Simply Dread - Livin 4 da funk [UK Jungle Records]
xxiv. Shy FX - Gangsta (T Power Remix) [White Label]
xxv. Junglord - Manchester Bad Bwoy [SUPERCHARGER Records]
xxvi. Krome & Time - License [Tearin Vinyl]
xxvii. Baraka - Nutty Bass [Boogie Beat Records]
xxviii. FFF - Sweet Revenge [PRSPCT Recordings]
xxix. Duburban & Jahganaut Ft Ark X - Hot Bread [Blueskin Badger Records]
xxx. Junglord - Pabst Blue Ribbon [UK Jungle Records]
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