Drum & Bass Jaydan - Insatiable feat. Sam B / Element (Innerground)


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Long time champion of the Playaz sound, Jaydan brings two monster hits to the Innerground imprint. Two vastly different tracks that are on heavy rotation from some of the biggest names around including, of course, DJ Marky.

INSATIABLE featuring the vocal talents of Sam B kicks things off on the A-Side and marks a drastic change in the sound many would associate with a Jaydan release. The beats are on point as you would expect and tightly drilled. The vocals and harmony present a very atmospheric look at the other side of Jaydan’s producer persona. Some gentle horns and big bass lines make this a truly alluring track made for the dancefloor and chillout session in equal measure.

If Insatiable is one side of the coin, then ELEMENT is most definitely the definition of the flip side. A true return to form for Jaydan as his darker, more introspective side comes to the fore with this dancefloor shaker.

Available as an exclusive download from Beatport from the 3rd December and out as a vinyl single on the 10th December.

Wicked release imo, cool to see Jaydan doing something a bit different :applause: