Hot and Naked Anger Artists News Update!!


LOL - Hope you're getting a bit of this spring sunshine where you are..;)

First a huge thanks to all that helped me out with my emails yesterday - I think my blood pressure has finally leveled out (amazing what king size dairy milk and sweet and sour chicken can do at times of crisis ;) are all stars and I would have been really crying without your help!

So back to business!!Here's a bit of an update on what shenanigans some of the Anger boys (and gal) are up to lately!! Will try to keep this up monthly ;) For more detailed information or to book any of these exciting, skilled and sexy/saucepot Dj's ;) don't hesitate to contact me via avenues below. Hope you all have a great week ahead and be in touch next month with another update!!!

Xx Robyn @ Anger


Anger is happy to take on KRYPTIC MINDS AND LEON SWITCH exclusively to the agency. The boys have been super busy working on the 4 limited edition "Black Out" Ep's. Black Out Vol.1 is available in shops now. Black Out Vol.2 will be released May 16th with long awaited (and some of my personal faves) "More Like You" and the nasty nasty "Take the Pain Away" remix by Technical Itch! For full tracklistings of all the Ep's, check out News section. Volume 1 & 2 will also be available on CD with Def Com back catalogue! The Album "Lost All Faith" is currently being worked on and set for release in October.

TECH ITCH has been hard at work as well, holed up in his wolf's den making his trademark madness - and cooking up an evil curry as well (Delia watch out!). He is now in the finishing stages of working on Goldie's new album, with "Say You Love Me" forthcoming on Metalheadz 60. Forthcoming on Penetration 16 is another one of my personal faves (so so so buttshakingly dirty) "Hex" with "Inner Journey" on the flip. He is also currently working on Tech Itch Recordings Remix Ep, including remixes from Evol Intent, Bkey, Infiltrata and more!). And last but very far from least, if you were at April 1st's Hardware - you know just how hot hot hot this dropped - Tech Itch and Dylan have collaborated on the Photek anthem "Baltimore" which is being tweaked as we speak (or read).

DYLAN, as well as working on aforementioned "Baltimore" remix alongside Tech Itch, of which Photek is returning the favour with a special remix of "Slave to Life", there are a slew of must have releases lined up for both Freak and Obscene! First up is Bkey's absolute tearer "The Test / Unleash" is out on promo right now on Freak 011! Freak 012 is will be promo'd on the 25th of April, again with long awaited tracks from Dylan and BKey "The Whorror / False Idols"!! On Obscene this month we have U.S boys Thinktank with the homage to the old Bluenote days (I love this track as well) "Ritual" with "Skyscraper" on the flip. All in all, a month of goodies lined up for you from Mr Dylan and friends ;). For more info, check out

RAIDEN is still living it up in Amsterdam, finding inspiration (i.e smoking alot of sage LOL), but remaining proactive - building his new label, Offkey, and working on a slew of new tunes. Offkey is set to unleash it's first track this summer, the long awaited collaboration between himself and Southampton Propaganda boys "Machine Soul", as well as future tracks from young Russian whizzkid Proket. As always, Raiden is intent to push the techno influence the loves into drum and bass and Offkey will be a catalyst for this. Also busy producing for other labels, Freak Recordings is proud to have signed the much loved "Medusa" and Raiden and Dylan are set to work on a heavy collaboration for the B side!!! Raiden is also featured on the upcoming Barcode album - so watch out for that! For Interviews, mixes, more release info, and some cute pictures with a handlebar moustache ;) check out

NIGHTBREED haven't stopped since the anthem and remixes of "Pack Of Wolves" shook up dancefloors everywhere! The duo have two forthcoming remixes; One coming on XL Recordings - a remix of Prodigy's "Spitfire" (out soon on promo), as well as a remix for Raw Bud on Runnin Riot which is a remix of a remix, if you will, of Roni Sizes' "Rise Up" featuring Sweety Irie, dropping into stores in the next couple of weeks.
The guys have also collaborated with Sparfunk, one half of Moving Fusion, on the new track, "Arachnaphobia", which is currently doing the rounds and being played in all the clubs by all the usual suspects! You can also catch NIghtbreed, live, once a month on Pyrotechnic Radio! The next date to pencil into the diary is April 7th from 7-9pm GMT!!! Also check out later this month for an exclusive interview and online mix!!

Some news from myself, ROBYN CHAOS. You can find out what I've been up to (ooooh eeer lol) in this month's Knowledge under "One's to Watch for 2005". Currently, I'm working on my album to be released early next year. Many of you have heard "The Suffering" alongside BKey, and I've also have finished a new techno influenced track, going to be collaborating with Tech Itch and MC Jakes (as well as Dylan and Bkey of course - and anyone else we manage to hog tie in the studio while "visiting"). Besides Djing and mainly running the agency lately, I have been expanding our world-renowned evil empire of "Therapy Sessions" around Europe. Next European Session is in Belgium alongside Hydra Beats on May 14th, and a big one in Dresden Germany on May 28th. The next UK Therapy's are April 13th @ Timbuk2 Bristol, and April 20th @ Herbal London (which will be our 2nd Birthday Party Extravaganza - with contortionists, midgets and cycling, juggling monkeys!! Whoo hoo!)


Dates are available for this summer's killer tour PLANET OF THE DRUMS featuring Dieselboy, AK1200, Dara and hosted by MC Messinain! The tour is from July 9th - 15th so any enquires; please get in touch quickly as dates are going fast!!

DIESELBOY + MC MESSINIAN also plan to slaughter Europe once again this September 2005 - I highly suggest to get in there early!! For more information please contact and use the booking form!!