Hidden Concept -Basic Kung fu (original mix)

Thank you for your input ! I have taken what you said into consideration, added more bass modulation with some more notes so it adds more movement and energy and fills, shuffles, going to work at that part more so it sounds more top notch. I had my kick and snare just in audio clips before, so I put in drum rack and added some more variation. I do layering before hand so my kicks are normally 3-4, snares 3-6 layers detuned and saturated for more harmonics, along with my reeses but just resampled so its ready to go then split up frequencies. thank for your that clip, added some inspiration I had to go back o the program after I heard then waited to reply!
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No problem mate. 6 layers for a snare is a bit too much though man. What sample packs are you using for the drums? Sometimes i have 2 layers for a snare and it sounds fine, ill probably not go higher than 4. If you need 5+ layers for a snare then you need to change the initial hits.