Intrusion 3 EP [NVR092: OUT NOW!]


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Jan 19, 2012
Essex / Suffolk, UK

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► (A) DRTWHT - Jacket [NVR092: OUT NOW!]:

► (B) Alternate Perspective - Game Over [NVR092: OUT NOW!]:

► (C) DarKYYComet - Scarlett [NVR092: OUT NOW!]:

► (D) Matthew Allen - New Days [NVR092: OUT NOW!]:

► (+) Intrusion 3 EP (Release Mix) [NVR092: OUT NOW!]:

► NVR092 Tracklisting:
(A) DRTWHT - Jacket
(B) Alternate Perspective - Game Over
(C) DarKYYComet - Scarlett
(D) Matthew Allen - New Days

(+) Foreign Shores - Overload (Bonus Track) [BANDCAMP ONLY!]
(+) Intrusion 3 EP (Release Mix) [BANDCAMP ONLY!]


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(A) DRTWHT - Jacket:
To open the 3rd installment of the Intrusion EP series, is returning Hungarian Producer and DJ, DRTWHT with his track Jacket. Another neurofunk ripper definitive of the artists style, Jacket is influenced by melody driven dancefloor tracks, but still in keeping with the neuro philosophy of heavy tearing basslines, plus a dark and in this case eerie atmosphere. Accompanied by rolling drums and hi hat patterns, with pads reminiscent of the sound of a jacket zipper, to give this track its unique name and origins.

(B) Alternate Perspective - Game Over:
Label newcomer and UK based producer Alternate Perspective contributes his Upfront Drum & Bass track Game Over to Intrusion 3 EP. From the onset Game Over starts out atmospheric and rhythmic in style, with choir like vocal samples and subtle Reese bass and stabs, which sets the Neuro inspired tone for the remainder of the track. As the drums and synths build, a formidable vocal sample that later becomes the title of the track, can be heard before the drop with industrious drums against the backdrop of a sinister and stomping bassline. Then evolving with the addition of lead synths, arpeggios, percussion and subtle rhythmic changes which keep a sense of tension and intrigue throughout.

(C) DarKYYComet - Scarlett:
Making his NVR debut is French Producer DarKYYComet to present his track Scarlett, a halftime Drum & Bass track, heavily inspired by genres such as Hip-Hop and Trap. Starting off with an illusive intro beginning with a peaceful and tranquil flute melody to disguise what lays in waiting. Before long the melody succumbs whilst the intensity increases as a teaser for what is to come. A big bassline then dominates the drop alongside epic brass, vocal chops and a original drum pattern.

(D) Matthew Allen - New Days:
New Days is the final track of the EP and sees New Zealand producer Matthew Allen welcomed to Nu Venture Records. Pushing the boundaries between melodic and heavy Drum & Bass by fusing the two sub genres together with soulful and airy vocals, complimented with soft and delicate piano, to open the intro. Contrasted by the menacing horns of the build up and the punchy drums and powerful synths of the drop to provide the energetic and driving nature of this track.

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