my names jack im an old metal head that heard hive and gridlok's ac/dc in 2003, and been hooked on drum and bass since... i started makin beats on reason 2.0 eventually trying fruity loops out... went back to reason 3.0, messed with cubase and logic a bit... but for now its strictly reason 3... i might be rewiring with cubase sx2 and if anyone has any tips on that lemme know... just read a great tutorial on using the combinator...definately want to expand my horizon on producing drum and bass... ive played guitar for 10 years...and drums for 5... and ive been in everything from GRINDCORE to PUNK bands..and metal bands...even done some solo work (acoustic) progressive rock... i also make hip hop beats when im not makeing drum and bass because i enjoy to freestyle over my own beats... eventually i wanna get turntables and spin my own drum and bass... want to get into using hardware or at least give it a try...big plans...not enough funding to speed it up tho...im also a former tattoo artist... and cabinetry work is my trade aside from music... anyways thanks for wanting to get to know me and takin the time to read this...

www.myspace.com/emissi0n <---dnb page
www.myspace.com/th3equator <--hip hop