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Hey, it's being forever since I last used a forum. I decided to join dnb because I have being into producing my own music in all genres that come across as interesting or challenging for me. Drum and bass has certainly come across as one of the most challenging as the genre and sound itself is pretty crazy.

When I first heard the bass lines in this type of music, "Noisia," in my case, I had chills.o_O

I come from a metal background and practiced guitar since the age of 12. So dubstep and drum and bass struck me as a hard hitting, heavy, style of music and I was very curious as to how it is made.

As part of my introduction to this forum I'd like to present a short track I did with FL studio and Ableton Live.>> http://soundcloud.com/ajn4z/isabd

I started with a bass patch in sytrus, resampled it in harmor a couple times. Sometimes I'd use the granulizer. Most of the sounds are actually water drops with the granulizer and harmor. I consider it liquid drum and bass. The vocal bit was a couple mantras from a sample pack that I sliced and resampled and so forth. A huge inspiration has being Amon Tobin.