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  • only just got that message G, nah i wasn't out mate. I don't really have time to dick about on the forum these days so if you wanna get at me, drop me a text. I'll pm you my number if you don't have it.
    yo, sorry G. been busy as fuck working and pretty much haven't been home in like 2 weeks.

    Don't think i can do heads mate, i'm covering for like 4 people at work so i'll probably be asked to. soon though.

    Amsterdam, 27th march, noisia invites, you in?
    You should really have posted that on my wall and not yours XD

    I can get into london, but i'm not robbing my nan bro, lol.
    nah, partied a little hard this week, need time to recharge. Plus i'm skint until next weekend.
    okay, so i'm an idiot.

    Noisia's actually next friday, not this one :teeth:

    shout me if you're up for it, we've got a hench crew of people rolling up.
    nah, fuck that noise.

    just staying in and getting high and working on a beat i think.
    of course i miss you fuckface... i changed phones a few months ago and lost your number.

    it's my birthday weekend and the only raves on are hospitaligay and gayaz. what you up to?
    oioi, get at me later so we can work out the game plan for tomorrow
    can't remember my fucking login... add my old one jolianhoward93@hotmail.co.uk
    bit up in the air on whether the finds will be there... but fabric on friday?
    sounds pleasant... but YOU SUCK!!!!1!!! :teeth:

    anyway, no worries. what did you post on my profile last night? says "message deleted"?
    yooooooo.... is there anything even remotely interesting happening tonight?
    got nothing to talk about really lol. got a house, job, missus and event keeping me business. just not enough time in the day
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