Ad Populum

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Hello from the US! I've known about DnB for about a little more than a year now. I can't say I have a favorite producer but I've found stuff that I like from Evol Intent, Danny Byrd, Source Direct, Concord Dawn, Technical Itch, Nerve, Seba, Gridlok, and others.

When I first listened to DnB It blew me away! Sick drum patterns, wild basses, and the creativity and variety had me hooked.

Since I had a little knowledge of FL Studio, I immediately tried to produce my own DnB sounds. I really enjoy making it (as well as other genres) but I'm just an amateur. My arrangements are ok; mixing skills aren't that good; mastering, blegh. I just have ear-buds with a full frequency range and some speakers with a sub-woofer to work with.

So, I've come here to learn more about the genre, get some help with producing, get my name out there, and maybe make some new friends.

Here's some of my stuff: http://soundcloud.com/ad-populum

I've got two tracks in progress, too! :D

BTW this is probably the most that I will ever say. lol