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  • its certainly on the cards let me get tomorrow over and done with before i sign up tho, you out this weekend?
    ahhh shame i would of popped up, ive had a new number for a couple of months too. So are you gna go hospitality ??
    just popped by to say im the king. you didnt forget, did you? and then also, your a gay. yup, that pretty much covers it. x
    the drums are cool dude, you did some cool shit there brah, the style reminds me of raiden a little
    its no fun when you gotta run from a whole scene that you even paid drinks for. but come on down fool, ill show you wjerer the weedhouseses is and how fun it is to throw rovks at them
    ok im gomma ul some 808 emud shit asap nah mean im too fly ni**g

    you want some real gansta ass talk, come to amsterdam, last night at ichi one we was thugged out
    aright mate you all good and that yeah cool cool. so you remember jamie yeah, said i should maybe do you a sik 808 yeah so dynahwhaimean i fought to myself i wanna help the man cos im sik like with the 808 an that yeah so tell me what you think i mean youll love it but dynahwhaimean heres the link and that yeah

    laters yeah
    and so, i try to salvage the most important relationship in your life, i also write AT LENGHT i may add about your conduct in clubs, and this is what i get? not even a weird jpg, or animated gif, not "fake and gay", or fucking.... anything?? at all?!?!

    loook joline, this is a two way street, i care about you.

    now update me on your girl, did. you. fix. it.

    not by text either, you called her or met up to make up sex and that yes? talk to me jools. i was sincerely happy about your success, and even if you didnt see it, we all saw the change in you. a happy boy, is what we saw. for the first time on this forum "happy" was the prevalent vibe, not curious, frustrated, confused, or immature. this is why im acting like i am involved. and dont try to make me back off, for i will only care sporadically for a few days anyway. but being me, thats like mother theresa, to use a sitcom cliche your generationo could porssibly relate to.

    now. talk to me old boy.
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