have you had a slip, trip or fall at work...

jk ^^

umm, I'm new, obviously, and joined to try and network with other producers, as i'm new to it, and would like to get feedback, and give feedback when i can! My name's dan and been listening to rave music for the better part of my life. Cos i'm an old c&%$ (well, not that old) but i do remember when hardcore was still considered hard, and drum and bass had drums and bass in it. And a trip down the local record store was a big day out. so yeah, i guess i am old :(

how is you all?

dirty breaks

I remember when Pogz ran tings. Thats how old i am.
i used to play with pogs fam. used to be the king of pogs in the ends, no man could test my pogs. man run up on me inna middle a pog match dey head get lickoff widda sawn-off shottie to da brain, seen? i run di pogs in meh endz. lyk youdunkno.