Have you guys ever heard of:?

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    Soul Coughing?

    There third album had tunes produced by optical:

    (From Wikipedia)
    El Oso (a literal translation of the Spanish for 'The Bear'), released in 1998 (see 1998 in music) is the third and final album by the New York City band Soul Coughing. The disc is marked by a deep drum and bass influence--before starting work on the album, the band toured with Full Cycle DJs Krust and Die (in fact, their band with Roni Size, Reprazent, won the Mercury Prize in 1997 and thus put the kibosh on a notion to have them produce)--and by a scattershot approach to production: Tchad Blake (Soul C's Ruby Vroom, Latin Playboys, Sheryl Crow) Pat Dillett (They Might Be Giants, Doveman, Mary J. Blige), and British drum and bass DJ Optical (Goldie, Grooverider, Ed Rush.)

    really fuckin' love there stuff

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