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  • ayyyyy, mr spliff whats new man, long time. I finally got my shit together with the recording i found a program called REAPER and it is fucking mint compared to audacity imo, hit me up if you wanna give it a try i had a hard time finding the link but i know how to get it now. I'm gonna try and put a mix down tonight and send it over to get some feedback

    haha, you could start by setting it back to default. Click 'customize my profile' top right of this page, then hit default.

    Take it from there and see what combinations are cool. Once you're done tuning it up, i suggest you take a screenshot of your settings. When the funny guy who made it look like this comes back, it'll be an easy job to set it back.

    Lemme see ya tunin' skillz ;)
    you have the worst profile skin ever. Ever.

    I can't even see where to click to post this message. Oh lord.
    Cheers again for the 'bday gift': your march deep mix.

    Never got back on the feedback, but i well enjoyed it! Quality mix mate :)
    Yo. Did you enjoy playing it though? Oh and which was the lizard trial? I did a bunch of trophies when I first got it. Can't remember what ones though. The game co. are working on something new now aswell. Should be exciting to hear what it is.
    Just fooled around to see what works. If you want, i'll send you a screenprint of the settings...
    haha nice one, cheers!

    Just working on my first tracklist ever, goes fucking slow man, first time counting phrases in tunes to learn how they're built up, got two tunes so far, lol :D
    This will take me ages...
    alrite mate, what did you say your ps3 gamer id was, i know you told me ages ago, but i havn't been on since!
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