Goldie to feature on BBC's Maestro.


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Goldie to feature on BBC's Maestro.

Eight famous amateurs with a passion for classical music will do battle this summer for the chance to conduct the BBC Concert Orchestra in front of a live audience of 30,000 in BBC Two's Maestro.

The show sees a diverse range of personalities – including the legendary Goldie, Blur bassist Alex James and actress Jane Asher – competing to perform at BBC Proms In The Park, held in London's Hyde Park, as part of the BBC Proms' world-famous Last Night celebrations on 13 September 2008.

Others striving to command the respect of one of the country's leading orchestras include newsreader Katie Derham, broadcaster Peter Snow, actor David Soul, comedian Sue Perkins and actor and comedian Bradley Walsh.

The eight students face a gruelling summer as they attempt to prove that they are worthy of taking to the stage in front of tens of thousands of people.

In the first stage of preparation the celebrity students will enter into a week-long Baton Camp in the final week of May, where they will each be assigned their own mentor.

Each mentor – all of whom are established professional conductors – will work intensively with their student in helping them to master the disciplines of orchestral, choral and operatic music.

Rehearsals will continue throughout the summer as the celebrity students learn how to inspire and engage with the orchestra and the music.

Grasping the baton, the students will then take to the conductor's podium in August, where, in front of a studio audience and an international judging panel made up of leading musicians, they will conduct the BBC Concert Orchestra in a weekly show broadcast on BBC Two.

Maestro will be presented by Clive Anderson.


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I know that Goldie is a big classical music buff, and he's a little experience composing and conducting an ensamble of sorts, so I reckon it could be interesting.

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Surely Goldie and Alex James have a bit of an advantage being muscians?

Mind you, Alex James is more of a professional twat than a musician these days...

Despite the presence of Goldie don't reckon I'll be watching this, I can't stand stuff like this...


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Finally a fucking reality music show that isn't about pop-shite! Thank god that the general masses are prepared to listen to something with slightly more complexity.

On the ohter hand I think, fuck. Now they've got classical too. The music industry really is fucked isn't it