Keepin the jungle alive
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Feb 7, 2008
listening now mate. Classic sample. Synth is a little cheesey but cool. nice reverb.
drums are a little thin so far but thats just the intro. Tune has dropped but the beats are still a little thin. kind of sound like rapid moving iceskates.
Its very cinematic or broadwayish. Bassline needs some variation too.
Sorry mate, don't mean to pick it apart. Just wanna offer some feedback that is useful. I like the idea behind it. Just needs some tweakin.


Mr. Blonde
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Feb 27, 2007
badlands of nc.
not alot of variation between the intro and the break-
drums do sound a bit slim-and teh bass is lackin teh low end
i do like the melody alot-does have a broadway kinda movie soundtrack quality
no to much on the reverb of the drums in the 2nd break-nice change in the melody though
filter isnt bad just kinda miss placed-keep at it bro
will check it again when you re-up it
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