Freek March Studio Mix - Lots of dubs from Callide, Hoax, Voltage, Teksteppa.....


Lets get freeeeeeky
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Nov 9, 2008
Kent, UK

First mix i've done in a while. Lots of dubs :) Feedback always appreciated....

Teksteppa - Mofo (Dub)
Voltage - Tonne A Bricks (Junction11 Dub)
Callide - 88 Track (System Shock Dub)
>>>> Cabbie and Ludego - Stiletto (Chronic)
Freek - Second Hand (Dub)
Recluse - Unlock (Muzik Hertz)
Freek - Narc (Dub)
Freek - Zombies (Junction11 Dub)
Callide - No More (System Shock Dub)
Mutated Forms - Shadow People (Grid)
Eveson - Found A Groove (Liquid V)
Teksteppa - 98 Track (Blue Cheese Dub)
Freek - History (Density Dub)
Skin - Kill Everything (Subclash Remix) (Free)
Fred V - In My Head VIP (Cue)
Triple Sickz - Re-Session (Blue Cheese Dub)
Richie Stix - Holiday Dub (Dub)
Voltage - Witness (Junction11 Dub)
Hoax - Quickie (Junction11 Dub)
Triple Sickz - Steppin Motion (Blue Cheese Dub)
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Jan 9, 2011
Kung Fu is banned :), i dropped that at a rave with sparc - drop it sent the club crazy fella ;)

Ill listen to this mix when i get home, work has blocked it ;)
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