Drum & Bass FREE Collection of around 20 DnB/Jungle Tape Packs from 1989-2000s require a new home


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I have a reasonably large collection of 40 tape packs that require a collector to look after them as I have the past 10 years.

They are as follows:

Kings of the Jungle Volume 2 - Six tape pack from 1993 Complete
Hysteria 16 Jungle, Drum & Bass - Eight tape pack (Complete)
Slammin' Vinyl Bagleys 21st November 1997 (Complete)
Slammin' Vinyl Bagleys 5th September 1997 (Complete)
Slammin Vinyl Bagleys 6th February 1997 (Complete)
One Nation New Year's Eve 1997 (Complete)
Hysteria Bassman Xcon to Icon
Pure-X 1996 (Complete)
Amazon Original Junglists (Complete) x 2
Hysteria 1995 Summertime Hysterics (1 tape missing)
Amazon Collection 11 (Complete)
Amazon Jungle Collection volume 1 - (Complete)
Amazon Jungle Collection volume 4 (Complete)
Hysteria 20 (Complete)
Hysteria 11 (Complete)
One Nation Valentine's Experience Part 9 (Complete)
Hysteria 10 (Complete)
Hysteria 9 (Complete)
Roast - The Valentine's Experience (6 tapes + two copies of originals)
One Nation Back 2 Back Special 2005(Complete)
Best of British 2nd Birthday (Complete)
One Nation A Decade in Drum & Bass (Complete)
United Dance Friday 7th September 2001(Complete)
Dance Nation 1996 (Complete) featuring an early SAS set with a DJ called Uncle Funk (Complete)
Telepathy The Bass Believers Blazer (Complete)
Telepathy T12 (Complete)
Telepathy Friday at the Wax Club (Complete)
Heat Millennium Party (Complete)
Amazon Jungle Collection Vol 3 (Complete)
Helter Skelter Energy 1997 (Complete)
Edge - The Final Chapter (Complete)
Desire - The Spring Ball 1996 (Complete CD Pack)
There are also loads of loose tapes that I have collected.

The vast majority of the packs are in excellent condition and around half feature Stevie Hyper D on vocals.

Due to the sentimental value I attach to these packs I am only prepared to give them to someone that will look after them as a collector. Nothing pained me more in my youth that seeing someone's bedroom floor covered in empty packs and loose tapes. Ideally I would pass them on to someone who plans to convert them all to digital media at some point with the aim of giving them back to the community. I'm aware that many of them are already available this way.

If people require a further breakdown by DJ or MC please let me know.

If you think you may be the right person to take them off me please post in the thread below.

The packs can be collected from Bristol or London.


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Re: FREE Collection of around 20 DnB/Jungle Tape Packs from 1989-2000s require a new

I have a collection of well over 150 tape packs, I too hate seeing them in tatty conditions with tapes missing and lost, I would be more than willing to give these a good loving home, where they will treated with the respect they deserve, I am happy to pay for a courier too.


Re: FREE Collection of around 20 DnB/Jungle Tape Packs from 1989-2000s require a new

I know this is a pretty old thread but did either of you get rid of them? Im currently in the process of archiving old tape packs to mp3. I would gladly take them off of your hands. I can send you a dvd of the sets once ive recorded them so you dont really have to say good bye :)