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  • yes, well, i mean of course they do, sooo yeeessss... look, point is why do you have to do the a's that long, i mean serious, why cant you say it(my name which you keep saying charles do, what!!, why is it charles all of a sudden) and your a noob. ok that escalated quickly, my word. point is that nobody says charles
    Don't you play coy with me, we have ways to make you talk you imperialist Mitsubishi schweinhund. Or is that your line? Being that you speak GERMAN
    Renee you cant just pop up and then disappear like that. i didnt know you spoke german.
    Haha it has happened but not regularly no, lately I'm starting to think my name is 'sorry but you're fired'. Yeah but seriously it's starting to be a problem. That's the story of my life, which is suitable and precisely what you asked for. X
    mmmm renee id help you if i knew what the problem was, can you explain:

    i really hope its not what i think it is, but i cant follow your german convo
    natürlich ^^ hab mich vor jahren mal fast überall angemeldet, als ich einen teil meinen platten verkauft habe...
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