Forthcoming Thirty One Recordings


I'm glad there's at least 1 other person on the case this year :teeth:

Looking like a busy year for 31 again! :D


NFM 31 LP track on Doc Scotts Facebook mix from the weekend

Whether it's a NFM LP or Various artists LP with them on it is unknown
I've played d*Minds 'grenshaw' quite a few times now on vinyl and im going to be honest, it's perhaps the only track I own which is borderline frightening.... TOO HEAVY!!!!!!

Every element in this track is turned up to 11, the beats and bass are stomach churningly heavy....

I need some paracetamol....
Like that Snuff Baby tune—not heard that before
This was a good nut on Critical, this was the first thing they did with their new style IIRC

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