FL studio tempo automation


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Feb 6, 2007
northern germany
wanted to do a cheeky dubstep/drumstep tune and now ive got a problem

automating the tempo DOES work, however not really, as 13% is everything between 136 and 143. so whenever i automate that i end up with an upspeeding or downspeeding drop..

does anyone know how to make that seemlessly?

annoys me to death. why would anyone in the world make a tune with a bpm of 999, yet when i want to automate a normal speed it wont work because you got 1000 bpms put into a scale of 100 per cent. does my head in.

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got it. just slice the automation up if anyone else experienced problems with that aswell :)
Another simple option is to write it at full bpm (175 or whatever) then when you want to do the dubstep part, just write the beats at half time (but with the same tempo) if that makes any sense????
Or render the parts and glue together? But good that you figured it out on your own tho.
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