DnB First song for my E.P in works, need feedback :)

Third Focus

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Aug 16, 2016
Hi peeps on dnbforum,
So i've started music since 2009 and getting kinda fed up with how my intro's sound and haven't done Dnb E.P before ever, so this will be my first

Any feedback would be very helpful, only got my headphones for mixing/mastering so ain't that great apart from using Span, bx meter for visual reference. Started listening to trailer music, epic music by companies which influencing me to write better intro's for my songs and each song will have a meaning as writtin own back story to the E.P for extra motivation. Also im actually using Muti-band compression hell lot more instead of sticking to volume automation/norm compressor, might put one on the synth but don't know if theres enough low end from headphones lol. Also im sticking to making my own drum samples well from addictive drums 2, and not samples still need to fix the drums up.


Inna Selez

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Jul 31, 2017
Pretty good teaser. Only maybe it's better to cut in half first 16 seconds intro and add more drums.
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