First Full Ableton Tune


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writing as i listen...the drums sound nice, good shuffle. intro is interesting, nice ease into the sounds. could cut a bit of the high out of the lead (just the extreme top end). the fade out of the drums was a bit awkward. the first break could use more variation. wow, the drums come back fierce! i think a stronger bassline would help carry more groove. first drumbreak after the drop is interesting, but a bit choppy.

so i am trying to respond to tracks as i hear them, because i think it gives you my initial gut reaction - at least that's the feedback i hope for when i post my tracks. anyway, please forgive the above rambling if it is all over the place. i think your drums are pretty solid, i would just watch some of the levels versus other elements and maybe smooth out some of the breaks. i do think the track needs a more interesting bassline, and the lead still needs a little taming. overall, i think it's pretty good, and you should keep at it!


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Intro needs more, the drums sound clean, but they lack power and need more layers

the piano coming in sounds really nice, i think it would benefit from being more upfront

the flute thing sounds a little preset to me

intro is a bit long imo, kinda getting bored of waiting for it to kick, but i can see why youve got a longer intro because of the musical elements you have here youve tried to create the suspense and upliftingess of it

oh shit hold on, that is the drop?

is the low note the bass then? sorry man i thought it ws still building up :(

ok well id say you defo need to work this more, and get the drop alot more power man

sorry if that soundsa bit harsh man

id say add more layers to the drums in the drop, boost the sub defo!